HCM Solutions Powerhouse Sees Impressive $22 Per-Lead ROI After a Year of Campaigns

Number of Employees
15,000+ Employees
HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management
Lowell, MA and Weston, FL
Generated over $1.8 million in new sales
with an ACV of $60-$90,000
Achieved a $22 per lead-ROI
as well as SAL conversions reaching 23%
Delivered HQLs weekly
while keeping the total spend under $100k

Client Profile:

UKG is one of the world’s leading HCM cloud solutions companies, offering comprehensive HR, pay, time, and culture solutions to 80,000 organizations worldwide.


The Demand Generation Program Manager at our client’s organization sought to enhance lead generation efforts to fuel the sales pipeline for select sales teams. They required highly qualified leads (HQLs) with personalized engagement to increase Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) conversions.


From January to December 2023, LeadSpot collaborated closely with the UKGs team, delivering weekly HQLs tailored through each team’s unique industry and geo-targeting. Each prospect encountered custom qualifying questions, capturing crucial insights on competitive solution preferences, purchase process stage, and timing for change. This data facilitated personalized nurture and outreach strategies.


The strategic approach yielded impressive outcomes, with SAL conversions reaching an outstanding 23% across select cadences. The dependency on LeadSpot’s leads intensified as the client’s teams capitalized on opportunities, resulting in $1.8 million in new sales from solutions with an average ACV of just $60k-$90k.

ROI and Value Delivered:

Remarkably, these achievements were realized with an annual spend of under $100k, boasting an impressive $22 per-lead ROI across all campaigns. Our partnership underscores the power of precision targeting, personalized engagement, and strategic lead nurturing in driving conversions and new revenue.


This case study exemplifies the efficacy of strategic collaboration and data-driven insights in achieving significant business outcomes. We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and value to our trusted partner, driving mutual success and growth.