Highly Qualified Leads

Partner with LeadSpot’s HQL solutions to receive highly qualified leads that are tailored to your specific requirements and guarantee better conversion rates for your business.

What is a Highly Qualified Lead?

A Highly Qualified Lead (HQL) from LeadSpot is a zero-party, consented opt-in lead that is enriched beyond the basic contact information. These guaranteed leads have confirmed their contact details and have also answered four custom qualifying questions crafted by the customer. Additionally, they have downloaded the customer's marketing asset/s and viewed the customer's privacy policy. HQLs are fulfilled via direct-to-ICP content promotion via strategic email cadences and live phone conversations. Guaranteeing a comprehensive lead qualification and quality verification process.

Advantages of an HQL

These leads have confirmed their contact details, answered four qualifying questions, opted-in, and downloaded the content.

Optimized Audience

Your audience is optimized with 90 days of contact-level purchase intent signals. Those prospects who have been most active recently are prioritized for initial engagement.

Promotion and Fulfillment

LeadSpot uses direct email outreach and live calls to promote the clients' assets, engaging with prospects that align directly with the ICP.


Receive weekly highly qualified leads that have opted in, confirmed their contact information, and answered four custom qualifying questions.

Thus securing a consistent flow of enriched, zero-party, consented opt-in leads every single week!

Enhance your lead data with appended LinkedIn profiles, direct lines, and cell phones, where available.

Access leads who have shown genuine interest by engaging with your marketing assets.

Leverage zero-party audience insights for personalized nurture cadences.

Experience a low returned lead rate, ensuring that the leads you receive are accurate and of high quality.

Random CAPTCHA mechanisms and bot-detection services help us to guarantee that only genuine content and landing page interactions fuel our lead fulfillment process.

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