ACI Adds Over $4M ARR to its Pipeline after Linking Up With LeadSpot

Through their partnership with LeadSpot, ACI Worldwide gained access to a vast global audience of over 125 million professionals within the financial technology sector.

Number of Employees
5,001-10,000 Employees
payments processing
Miami, Florida
Generated over 4 million in ARR
36% increase
Achieved a 50% reduction in CPL
as compared to previous outsourced campaigns
LeadSpot powered ABM
ACIs top lead source

ACI Worldwide is a prominent technology company specializing in payment systems. With a focus on providing innovative solutions to financial institutions, ACI Worldwide was determined to connect with their ideal customer profile – key decision-makers within financial institutions. However, upon closer examination, it was evident that the existing lead-generation strategies were underperforming. Despite collaborations with industry-specific publications to disseminate content, ACI Worldwide found that nearly half of the generated leads lacked the authority to make purchasing decisions. The added challenge of manual data processing further strained the team’s resources.

Vendor Selection

In light of these challenges, ACI Worldwide was in search of a lead generation partner capable of delivering high-quality leads that aligned with their ideal customer profile. The company required a solution that would streamline the lead generation process and enhance revenue generation.


LeadSpot emerged as the optimal solution to address ACI Worldwide’s challenges. Through their partnership with LeadSpot, ACI Worldwide gained access to a vast global audience of over 125 million professionals within the financial technology sector. This partnership came with the assurance of both lead volume and cost-per-lead upfront. The transition from initial discussions to implementation was seamless, and within a short span of one month, ACI Worldwide began receiving a steady influx of high-quality inbound leads directly into their sales pipeline.

LeadSpot swiftly adapted to ACI Worldwide’s requirements, ensuring that the delivered leads precisely matched the company’s ideal customer profile. Furthermore, LeadSpot addressed the data management concerns by seamlessly integrating accurate and comprehensive lead data into ACI Worldwide’s existing Salesforce and HubSpot systems. This integration eliminated the need for manual data manipulation, empowering ACI Worldwide’s team to engage with leads more effectively.


LeadSpot consistently delivered leads that aligned with ACI Worldwide’s target contacts within relevant companies. This success led ACI Worldwide to incorporate LeadSpot leads into their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign, which subsequently became their primary source of leads. The integration of LeadSpot’s services streamlined ACI Worldwide’s lead generation process, freeing up valuable time and resources.

The results of the collaboration were significant:

  • Generated over $4 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) pipeline from LeadSpot leads
  • Achieved a 50% reduction in cost-per-lead compared to previous campaigns
  • Realized substantial time savings through automated lead delivery
  • ACI Worldwide’s ABM campaign powered by LeadSpot leads became the top lead source

This strategic alignment not only eliminated manual efforts but also propelled ACI Worldwide’s growth initiatives.

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